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What are the laws regarding Vehicle Insurance in Spain

Spanish Law is little different to the road traffic laws in other countries throughout member states of the European Union – all vehicles using the roads must be insured for third party liability risks. All policies fully comply with the Regulations of all EU territories.
EU Regulations stipulate that vehicles must be insured by an Insurer licensed to operate in their country of registration.  registered vehicles owned by expatriates living in Spain

Do I have to carry my Vehicle documents in the car.

Yes it is! Whilst driving your car on the road in Spain you MUST have the following documents

  • Driving licence

  • The car´s Ficha Tecnica (showing the technical details of the car) or Log Book if UK registered

  • All your insurance documents - receipt, certificate of insurance (for UK vehicles) and Green Card

If your vehicle is stolen and the documents have gone with it the situation can become problematical. So, although slightly inconvenient, we recommend that whenever you leave your vehicle unattended that you take the documents with you. However if you don't you will have to arrange to replace them before your claim can be settled. The procedures involved to get replacement documents are as:

  • Attend the Police Station and make a statement.

  • Apply for a new Ficha Tecnica at your local ITV centre - probably takes around a week and you need to take the Denuncia with you.

  • Once you have the Instancia and a new Ficha Tecnica you then apply for duplicate papers at your Trafico Office.

need to write to the DLVA and apply for a replacement Registration document

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